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Perth <span class="caps">BJJ</span> Blog 9th November bjj4lfe Closed guard
I have now been training for 2 years, I have just started to learn the closed guard.
normally this would be the first thing taught to a new Jiu Jitsu student, but 8020 is not an ordinary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school.
It has been made clear that SBG is a big influence on 8020BJJ but definitely not the only influence, you get the feeling that sports science and modern training philosophy drives the methods used by Dion at 8020BJJ.

But, is that a reason not to learn the closed guard ? well, IMHO yes.
At least not as a priority, at 8020 movement is king and the closed guard was left out for a fair while(actually, only from my perspective, if it was your first time last week then you started your BJJ training with the closed guard).

We have had two classes so far on the closed guard and they have both been very interesting, I think we started on the 9th of October but I didn’t really note anything down apart from that we started our closed guard focus.
Last night we drilled the famous Arm Bar from the Closed Guard. I remember when I was a teenager(like in 1995-6) and I wanted to do BJJ, I visited a gym in Edgewater and I watched one lesson, I still remember that they were drilling the Arm Bar from the Closed Guard.

I love guard, so anything guard related, is something I am going to jump all over and as we slowly added the resistance to the drill it became good fun being Arm-barred and Arm-barring people. What I am really looking forward to now, is the addition of this technique into everyone’s game.

The first time I experienced this was when we did 3 months on leg locks after that we all went crazy with leg locks, I didn’t appreciate it back then but this would then be a pattern, we have a 3 month focus on a certain area and everyone’s games change to include that specific area, its like software getting a new module and suddenly you have this new feature you get to play with!

gem install closed-guard

Everyone suddenly has new attacks and defenses, it drives people to YouTube crazy techniques and it just ends up being damn awesome.

BJJ4life has also confirmed their no-gi tournament which will be on the 9th of November, I am going to enter this, which will be my first no-gi tournament so I have not been wearing the Gi much at all.
I am also getting the feeling that we will have a few from 8020 entering also so I’m looking forward to the 9th of November.


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<span class="caps">BJJ</span> Intensity Perth competition bjj4life
Recently I was lucky enough to be able to roll with two high caliber Blue Belts, the sort of Blue Belts that you see at every single competition. The person who seemingly knows everyone because they visit any gym that will let them, they are the Perth BJJ aficionado.

They are very good and easily maul me, but this got me thinking, as while it is obvious they are simply better than me, I can have a good hard roll with them.

I believe that you will roll in a competition the same way you roll in class.
So when I rolled with these high level guys I rolled as I would in a competition. I was not holding back.

But I cannot roll at a competition level with everyone, that would be insane, dangerous for other people and myself.

It got me thinking about how we roll with each other, there is this understanding between a certain high caliber Blue Belt and myself that we roll hard unless one of us requests a slower pace.

When I roll with some people I match their pace, example; rolling with children. dialing it up to competition level is not an option.

I think when I first started BJJ my dial was set to low, turned right down, but I have noticed some new people who crank the dial to 10 straight away.

Dion described using/conserving our energy with the analogy of the power bar a player has in a beat-em-up game, this is your energy bar, it replenishes automatically but if it gets too low, you can take damage quicker than it can replenish and you tap out.

I think the intensity that you roll at can be described similarly in an analogous manner to that of a dial on a stereo, have it way turned down and you can talk louder than the music playing, you can turn it up so that its hard to hear the conversation on the room or you can crank it right up so that you can feel the bass and your ears hurt, but if you do that too much, the speaker will blow.

It is very hard to say lets roll at 50%.
50% of what ? and its almost impossible to keep the dial at 50%.

Talking to others about this I usually find people do not really have a dial, its more a switch, with 3 positions at best..


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Degun is choke in the Bambara language.

I was also rather impressed.


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<span class="caps">BJJ</span> Guard Passing
At 8020BJJ we have a modern approach to training, we do not drill 5 unrelated techniques and then roll, we do not drill a technique and step through it like the technique is a kata, from what I am aware the style of instruction we have at 8020BJJ is influenced by Straight Blast

It is also influenced by Dion our instructor who has brought a structured approach to our training, we have focus days, where for months at a time we will work on one position, recently it has been the top game.

I like guard, I prefer guard. I want people to try to crush me, get on top of me and muscle through me as this allows me to work my game. With our recent focus on the top game it has been a great learning experience, it has highlighted not falling into the guard players game.
Some of the key points that I have taken away from our top game focus are:

  • Leg control
    • you cannot pass someones guard if you don’t have control or awareness of their legs
  • Distance management
    • When your passing you control where the engagement takes place

In a simplistic way, their are only a few ways to pass a guard.

  • the 4 ways to pass a guard
    • Around their legs
    • Over their legs
    • Under their legs
    • Through their legs

This makes it sound easy, but guard passing is an art form, it is also incredibly fun.
From what I have noticed some people are very inpatient when it comes to guard passing, they see it as something that you just do and then get down to doing the actual Jiu Jitsu once you have blasted pass someones guard in 3 seconds.. Some people can blast past guards like they are ribbon banners at the end of marathons
linked from so I hope thats ok

But us mere mortals struggle to pass a guard.

Once you have passed the guard it only gets harder, this is now the real top game. With the focus we have had over the last few months on top control it has improved my confidence in playing the top game significantly, I enjoy it and use specific techniques we have been taught.

The main points that I have found working for me are

  • Floating mount
  • using my shin across their belly almost against their thighs
    • this allows me to start prying their arms up, which then leads to
  • S mount
  • The S mount has become one of my favorite top position.

for a long time time now we have used one day a week as a focus day for a specfic technique, position or tactic but I dont really know what to call it, “Focus day”, “Seminar day” I feel it needs an easily identifiable description, because if we have one it will improve it(legitamize it), refine it so that it becomes even more valuable.

I’m going to open comments for this post, I most likley wont get any comments but someone must have an idea of what we can call the “focus months” that we have been doing for a while now.


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8020BJJ Perth <span class="caps">BJJ</span> Jiu Jitsu8020bjj now has a facebook which is pretty cool, being able to chat easily among members is important, the mailing list is very popular and there is even a subreddit!..although it is not active at all.

So hopefully this will bring more attention to 8020, we now have the room, with the change in starting times, 6:45pm instead of 6:30pm we now have the whole floor, plenty of space, no bumping into each other when rolling etc.


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