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<span class="caps">BJJ</span> Guard Passing
At 8020BJJ we have a modern approach to training, we do not drill 5 unrelated techniques and then roll, we do not drill a technique and step through it like the technique is a kata, from what I am aware the style of instruction we have at 8020BJJ is influenced by Straight Blast

It is also influenced by Dion our instructor who has brought a structured approach to our training, we have focus days, where for months at a time we will work on one position, recently it has been the top game.

I like guard, I prefer guard. I want people to try to crush me, get on top of me and muscle through me as this allows me to work my game. With our recent focus on the top game it has been a great learning experience, it has highlighted not falling into the guard players game.
Some of the key points that I have taken away from our top game focus are:

  • Leg control
    • you cannot pass someones guard if you don’t have control or awareness of their legs
  • Distance management
    • When your passing you control where the engagement takes place

In a simplistic way, their are only a few ways to pass a guard.

  • the 4 ways to pass a guard
    • Around their legs
    • Over their legs
    • Under their legs
    • Through their legs

This makes it sound easy, but guard passing is an art form, it is also incredibly fun.
From what I have noticed some people are very inpatient when it comes to guard passing, they see it as something that you just do and then get down to doing the actual Jiu Jitsu once you have blasted pass someones guard in 3 seconds.. Some people can blast past guards like they are ribbon banners at the end of marathons
linked from so I hope thats ok

But us mere mortals struggle to pass a guard.

Once you have passed the guard it only gets harder, this is now the real top game. With the focus we have had over the last few months on top control it has improved my confidence in playing the top game significantly, I enjoy it and use specific techniques we have been taught.

The main points that I have found working for me are

  • Floating mount
  • using my shin across their belly almost against their thighs
    • this allows me to start prying their arms up, which then leads to
  • S mount
  • The S mount has become one of my favorite top position.

for a long time time now we have used one day a week as a focus day for a specfic technique, position or tactic but I dont really know what to call it, “Focus day”, “Seminar day” I feel it needs an easily identifiable description, because if we have one it will improve it(legitamize it), refine it so that it becomes even more valuable.

I’m going to open comments for this post, I most likley wont get any comments but someone must have an idea of what we can call the “focus months” that we have been doing for a while now.


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8020BJJ Perth <span class="caps">BJJ</span> Jiu Jitsu8020bjj now has a facebook which is pretty cool, being able to chat easily among members is important, the mailing list is very popular and there is even a subreddit!..although it is not active at all.

So hopefully this will bring more attention to 8020, we now have the room, with the change in starting times, 6:45pm instead of 6:30pm we now have the whole floor, plenty of space, no bumping into each other when rolling etc.


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The double guard pull has drawn the disapproval of a lot of people, read online and you may just get the impression that it is a menace to BJJ and ruining the sport.

In reality, well in my reality it is simply a non-issue, I have been to a few competitions and it is simply not an issue, I do not know the full detailed set of rules for the competitions I have been in but from what I am aware you cannot just sit to guard, you need to have contact with your opponent.
I do not think I have even seen a double guard pull in a competition here in Perth, that being said just because I have not seen it doesn’t mean it is not happening and it is obvious that at the higher level competitions it is something that does occur.(and I’m sure it is happening at all levels somewhere)

I like the Jiu Jitsu Guard game, for me it is exciting to watch someone utilize their guard to effectively sweep and submit an opponent.
If guard pulling gets the match moving i’d rather they double guard pull than stand and grip fight, but if the guard pull ends up in a 50/50 stale mate it is just as boring imo as two people stale mating on their feet.

This video by BJJScout attempts to get to the cause of the double guard pull and I found it very interesting.


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Jiu Jitsu <span class="caps">BJJ</span> gear gi rash vests Perthin the 23 months that I have been training I have owned 3 Gi’s, 2 Belts, 2 pairs of spats, 1 pair of compression shorts, 3 pairs of No-Gi shorts and 2 rash guards.

That seems like an excessive amount of “Gear”, it isn’t.
I have torn Gi pants, No-Gi shorts and turned rash guards and Gi jackets into biological hazards even though I have washed my stuff religiously(after every single use) using special washing powders, vinegar, oxy clean, napisan. I have hung my gear in the sun and basically tried all sorts of stuff to keep my gear from getting that “funk”.

What I have learnt is that, no matter what you do, your brand new Gi that looks awesome, will one day be a dirty old Gi.


My first Gi was a gameness brand, pearl weave I believe with ripstop pants. this Gi held up well, in fact the jacket is still in good condition, the pants ? torn to bits.
My next Gi was bought from the awesome site it was an Aesthetic brand Aurora, pearl weave jacket but with twill cotton pants. I still wear this Gi, the pants are comfy and still in very good condition.
My third Gi was an Inverted gear white panda, surprise surprise the jacket was pearl weave and the pants ripstop. I did like this Gi, this was when I first discovered half sizes and due to my weight lose from getting fit with Jiu Jitsu I found that these half sizes fit me better(generally). I wore this Gi A LOT, it has held up ok but the ripstop pants not so well.

my conclusion here is that, ripstop pants are not as good as cotton, they don’t last as long. Another thing I learnt was that having more than one Gi is not excessive, having just one Gi means it gets washed a lot more and this will contribute to the Gi wearing out.


Some people just train in normal shorts, shorts designed for grappling have slits on the side to allow freer movement and are generally more durable, they also don’t have anything that may catch fingers or toes on which can prevent injuries.
my first pair of shorts were hayabusa brand, they were good shorts and served their purpose but after a while, they tore.
When I replaced them I bought ripstop shorts, which is a little strange considering I do not like ripstop Gi pants, so far I have owned 2 pairs of ripstop shorts and have not had any issues with them. My guess is ripstop is better suited to shorts than Gi pants. Of course this is just my personal opinion and my own experience.

Rash guards

I have only had two rash vests, one was a Ryu brand and the other was a 93 brand from
The Ryu rash guard was just straight up a better rash guard, build quality and materials were on another level compared to the 93 brand one.
What I have learnt here is that not all rash guards are built equal.

Compression shorts & Spats

The first thing I bought when I started Jiu Jitsu was a cup that came with compression shorts.
Then I found out that we are not allowed to wear cups during training(they are also banned in most BJJ tournaments) so I just used the compression shorts.
Compression shorts for me are essential, I do not train without them, I have now moved on to spats, they perform the same function but combined with a rash guard I’m completely covered, this performs two things it wicks the sweat from me and gives me a barrier against nasty things. My OCD/germ phobias are placated by this.

Something else I have noticed is that Jiu Jitsu gear generally seems to have a 12 month life span(of course this is going to vary depending on how often you train) I have recently just stocked up on new training gear, specifically a new Gi and 2 rash guards. Maybe I will write about them once I receive them(GI REVIEW!!!)


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